Plus Plus Égal



Cache-cache, interactive installation, (as part of a workshop on the theme of surveillance), ESADHaR, 2015.

Interactive installation that poetically materializes the Tor router. This project visually transcribes the functioning of the router, which prevents from following the path taken by a connection to gradually erase the user's identity.
The installation includes a serie of computers that include the different phases of data transmission that Tor executes. The tracking performed on each of the computers allows to follow the spectator's track. This trace is lost as it progresses linearly, being done step by step — from one monitor to another — reminiscent of Tor's structure. The progress of the viewer is expressed through a change of state, where the colour displayed on the screen changes (according to the additive synthesis process) as soon as he or she physically reaches the height of the machine.

Workshop proposed by Bachir Soussi-Chiadmi and Raphaël Bastide. Programming (Processing 3): Bruno Affagard.