Plus Plus Égal



Archéologie du web, interactive installation (DNSEP project), ESADHaR, 2016.

Interactive installation (prototype) that literally expresses the idea of digging into the web, it is a principle of navigation through images. A computer connected to the Internet allows you to enter a word into a search engine (Google), which automatically and randomly saves 15 images in the form of superposed strata, using a program developed in Processing 3. This result is then projected onto a sandbox, a Kinect captures the spectator's movements and evaluates the topography. By manipulating the sediments, analogies can be observed between the images that are created in layers of depth.

Table, wood, sand, video projector, Kinect, computer, Internet. Project published in "Étapes: 234 (Écoles & diplômes)" magazine in November 2016. Programming (Processing 3): Jean-Noël Lafargue. Structure: Hélène Pitassi.