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Occur books – 40 couvertures fictionnelles, exhibition catalogue of Science Friction by Frédéric Tacer (USG 15).

Catalogue accompanying the exhibition Science Friction by Frédéric Tacer at ESADHaR Gallery 65, as part of the Saison graphique 15.
The composition work aims to establish parallels between the visuals of the covers created by Frédéric Tacer and the articles that inspired them. The notion of anticipation appears through various layout tricks such as the semi-transparency of the paper, which evokes different temporalities (past, present, future) and also induces the idea of "layers", with reference to the printing mode (silkscreen printing) used for the covers, or the USG logo crossing the entire book. It was printed in black and white, with the exception of summary purple overprints (and the binding thread) which use the same shade as Frédéric Tacer in his generic poster for the Saison graphique. The cover is an original macule generously set aside by Yann Owens, it is decorated with a laser engraving representing the logo of the Saison graphique which runs at full speed, a reminder of the internal crossing it makes. Four other macules, all different, are slipped between the booklets, making each copy unique. Printed at ESADHaR in 6 copies, May 2015. Format 210x297 mm, 224 pages. Exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo for the Vision, Recherche en Art et en Design event, proposed by ANdÉA - Association Nationale des Écoles Supérieures d'Art, from 13 to 18 April 2016 and published on the E-D-G-A-R website in May 2015.

Visuals: Frédéric Tacer. Original macules, silkscreen printing: Yann Owens. Binding: Hélène Pitassi. Fonts: Neutraface by Christan Schwarz (2002) and Fugue by Radim Peško (2010) for the titles, Minion by Robert Slimbach (1990) for the texts.